Fee Structure


Contingency:  May be used for one or multiple openings at low to mid-level positions when a particular profile is constant and sense of urgency is low to medium.  25% of the annual base salary with a 60 day guarantee.


2 for 1:  May be used with two critical search assignments that will be worked simultaneously.  Both positions require annual base salaries at $65,000 and higher.  1/3 due upon signing of the fee agreement to start search; remainder of fee due on date candidate begins service relationship with you.  The higher salary position will be configured at 30% of annual base salary, the lesser is no charge to the company.  90 day guarantee for the candidate fee paid.


Retained:  Our retained search option is used at executive levels where there is a critical high level need that must be filled in a short period of time.  1/3 due upon signing of the Fee Agreement, 1/3 due 30 days after start of search; 1/3 due on the date candidate begins the service relationship with you.  Fee is based at 30% of annual base salary; 6 month guarantee



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